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Sean Bryson

Vice President of Microsoft Technology
Hitachi Consulting

Picture of Sean BrysonSean Bryson is Vice President of Microsoft Technology, a CTO role within Hitachi Consulting. Sean is focused on connecting the Hitachi Consulting solutions to the Microsoft platform, providing strategic guidance related to Microsoft technologies, and working with both sales and delivery teams to drive customer success. Prior to being the Microsoft CTO for Hitachi Consulting, Sean led the Smart Cloud solutions for Hitachi Consulting on the Solutions & Innovation team. In addition, Sean led the Strategic Infrastructure delivery team and was responsible for the delivery and management of solutions related to data centers, management, automation, desktops, and mobile devices. Sean has written numerous whitepapers and articles including several on cloud computing, quantum computing, 5G network transformations, and edge computing. Sean has been part of Hitachi Consulting since 2001. Sean holds a B.s. in International Studies with an emphasis in Global Trade and Economics with minors in Latin American Studies and Portuguese.

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